Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Lot of Time Has Past!

Indeed it has, nearly a year since I last posted on this blog! You'd almost mistake the lack of posts for some kind of mental breakdown/laziness/death, all three of these are WRONG! Well except for the laziness. I'm terrible at keeping things updated D:

Anyways, I have been busy this past year. I got signed to SLG and was on their booth at SDCC promoting Peabody and D'Gorath. I'm currently waiting on an ok from the boss man on the first few scripts.

I've been rocking the MA in Games design at Preston and have a term of that left to do. My progress on that can be seen here-
I've been doing some 3D stuff and trying to get to grips with creating models for games.

It's been a busy year with lots of stuff done but I keep forgetting the stuff Ive drawn or Ive posted it up in random places around the net.
Given that this is a damn sight easier to update than my website I shall endeavour to post up the new stuff Im working on until I get a fancy wordpress site and leave blogger forever.

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