Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ghoulish Wedgie

Maaaaan it feels like ages since Ive draw Greasy Joe!

Ive been super busy alately with work and my masters course but whilst it was quiet in class I found myself doodling characters and I decided to revisit some older ones.

Hadnt done normal Joe in a while so I drew him and Betty then decided to check if I could still draw Greasy Joe and ended up with the thumbnail for this.

The idea for this image spawned an idea for a trio of images that Id like to do about Joe beating up on nerdy monsters.


AluĂ­sio Cervelle Santos said...

Looks awesome!
How's everything going man! Was awesome meeting you at SDCC, wish I had found you there more oftenly than not though!

Mr M D Penman said...

Dude, Ive been cool. Been busy teaching three days a week and spending two days doing a Masters Course in videogame design, Im hoping to have some beefy 3D skills for when I finish it.
Yeah it was cool to meet you man, its a shame we didnt get to hang out that much but Ill be going again next year and Ill try and coordinate a proper meet up!