Saturday, 3 April 2010


I keep forgeting to update this blog! Got a few pieces to show off but not as much as Id like since Ive had some comic and book work to get done but I cant complain :)

First up is a picture of Kure. I havent drawn him for a while and as the way I draw keeps changing I have to adapt him bit by bit. Im pretty pleased with how this turned out, its close to how I want my characters to look and I like the attitude he has. Ive got a rambling story idea for Kure that gained abit of clarity after reading the Dark Tower books and Id love to sit down and write and draw it out at some point. Just not right now. More like in the future when I have people who actually want to see my stuff :P

Second is a sketch of a lady I did that turned int oa piece of fanart. Ive been working on my characters, in particular females which have always been a weakness of mine. In the process of practicing I came up with a half realised sketch of a lady from behind that I liked and I decided to work it up into a full picture. About half way through I liked the figure but couldnt get a feel for the character and since Im a fan of Lily of the Valley I turned it into a piece of fanart.
If you havent seen Lily of the Valley before you should check it out-
Lily of the Valley

Finally this is a piece of fanart for Mr Sheldon Vella. I knew Sheldon and his arch rival James from Entervoid and they were a source of inspiration for me. I knew I wanted to get better than those guys. Unfortunately for me those guys didnt rest on their laurels and just kept getting better and better. I guess that means Ive just gotta work harder!
Kill Audio is a pretty awesome series which I cant be bothered explaining but I shall recommend it to anyone who hasnt read it.
I would also (as always) strongly suggest you read Sheldons webcomic SUPERTRON since its pretty much the best thing on

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