Sunday, 26 April 2009

Magma Boards

Neglected my blog abit over the past few months, Ive been working on a comic and got my website up and running plus now i have no readily available net but thats gunna change soon! Anyways, me and Dave got to do the new boards at Magma in Manchester this last month. We're real happy with how they turned out and it feels good to contirbute to the dynamic of the Northern Quater :)


ali graney said...

we likes them mark and david's magma boards... ; )

Deb said...

cool. they look so good. (better than the ones they had before you.) dx.

Caz-la-Chose said...

I like it! Also, it seems you and I are both zombies.
And also, you use to be a member of my old blog, so here's the new one for you if you're interested :
Have a nice day!