Monday, 10 December 2007

Society for Threatened People (GfbV) Competiton

Now this was a difficult one, took me ages to think up the concept and i had to keep goin back and adding stuff. Im happy with how it turned out though and i'd like to thank Sally and Noel for all their help with this.

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inspector_marmalade said...

You got beef with beards stinky? cuz I dont see a single one, suuuure you got every colour going, both sexes and a always pleasent to see he-she mix, even a impressive mushtashio'ed gent but not one beard. Foreshame Mark, beardo's have contributed greatly to past and present days society and I really dont think you have taken that into consideration, the beard is becoming as indangered, if not more, than the 'well groomed tash' or the 'handbarred mutton'

But apart from that it looks super! ^_^ Way to go!